Book Review: A. N. Senerella – Mine

I’m excited to announce my first ever ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) Book Review!  I was one of the first to read A. N. Senerella’s debut novel, Mine.  I went into this without knowing anything about the story.  All I saw beforehand was the cover.

AN Senerella Mine BookCover

Without giving away any spoilers, Mine is about how the arrival of a new student named Foster, shakes up the lives of Anika and her friends.

I read this book in one day, which I never do, but the story was that addictive.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this book extremely unpredictable.  I never knew what was coming next.  No one is exactly who they seem, and this makes the relationships very complicated.  Definitely not your typical love triangle.

Cyber-stalking is one of the main themes in this book, and can be unnerving at times (as it should be).  Just a warning: You might want to distance yourself from your phone for a bit after reading this book.  Some other serious topics covered in this book are bullying and mental illness.

Something that’s important to me is that a book have a happy ending, and after some intense conflict, Mine delivers a happy ending that leaves you satisfied.

Overall, Mine was a truly unique and interesting read.  If you like stories that keep you on your toes, and are a little bit scary, then I definitely recommend this book to you!

The release date is June 21, 2017.  When the book has been listed on Amazon, I will update this post with the link to buy.