The Cast of Pretty Little Liars: What’s Next?

Liars Left to right: Alison (Sasha Pieterse), Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell,) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario)

First, let’s all have a moment of silence to mourn the upcoming finale of Pretty Little Liars on June 27th.  Seriously, what even is life without the liars and the hunt for A?  This show is so addicting that even my dad is hooked!

The finale will be twice the length of a normal episode.  Executive producer, I. Marlene King says, “It feels like a movie and it was written as if it was a movie.  I hope you guys are satisfied with this huge twist.”  Plus, Entertainment Weekly just gave us a sneak peek of the finale with these two photos:

The CW has released promo trailers for new Fall shows, and guess who’s the star of one?  Lucy Hale!  While this is good news, I’m also sad, because I guess this really means that this is the end of Pretty Little Liars.  I keep hoping it’s all some joke, and they’ll surprise us with news of a new season or a spin-off.  Anyways, back to Lucy Hale’s new show.

Life Sentence is about Stella (Hale) who’s had cancer for 8 years, but is now cured and must figure out what to do with the life she now has to look forward to.  Her personal and familial relationships are changing as she finds out everyone’s been keeping secrets from her and making sacrifices for her, since they thought she was dying.  So along with finding out she’s not dying anymore and figuring out her new life, she has to re-examine her friends and family for who they really are, not who they’ve been pretending to be just so her last few years would be happy ones.  The promo trailer teases at her mother being a lesbian (and her parents’ subsequent divorce), her sister’s resentment for lost opportunities that she turned down to take care of Stella, family financial troubles, and Stella’s first foray into the working world.  I’m looking forward to this show. I especially like that even though cancer plays a big role, it’s about the miracle of recovery instead of the depressing side of the disease.

Lucy Hale also has two upcoming movies, Dude and Truth or Dare.  Dude is a dramedy about a group of teenage girlfriends dealing with life after high school.  Truth or Dare stars Hale as a college student who plays a supernatural version of the game in Mexico, but the game follows her back home.  Both movies sound interesting to me.  Personally, I hope Lucy takes the time to record another album.  I loved her first album, Road Between.

Troian Bellisario already added director to her resume when she directed the most recently aired episode 15 of Pretty Little Liars seventh season, “In the Eye Abides the Heart.”  While working on PLL, Troian also managed to bring a project that’s very near and dear to her heart to life.  The film, Feed, was both written and produced by Troian, AND she stars in it!  Now 31, Troian wrote the script more than eight years ago.  She has said that Feed is inspired by her real-life battle with anorexia.  Troian is very proud of the film, which premieres in theaters on July 18.  She hopes Feed will allow audiences to empathize with anorexia sufferers.  IMDb describes Feed as being about “Olivia and Matthew Grey, 18-year-old twins born into a world of privilege and high expectations.  There are almost no boundaries between them; even their dreams are connected.”

Troian and Patrick

Troian is also starring in a movie with husband, Patrick J. Adams, called ClaraClara is about an astronomer who’s obsessed with searching the cosmos for signs of life beyond Earth, which leads to a shocking discovery.  Sounds interesting!

Shay Mitchell has her own reality web series, Shay Mitchell: Chapters on Fullscreen. Chapters follows her life after Pretty Little Liars, and you can watch it now!   She also has Cadaver, a horror movie, coming out in August.

Ashley Benson has said she’s looking forward to taking time off to rest after Pretty Little Liars.  I couldn’t find anything about future plans for Sasha Pieterse, but her Netflix original film, Coin Heist, was released in January.

Janel Parrish, who plays the love-to-hate character of Mona is starring in the upcoming movie, Heavenly Charm.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about the nature of the film or release date.  Since Pretty Little Liars wrapped filming, Janel has also joined two musical stage adaptations of Cruel Intentions and A Walk To Remember.

So what about the guys?

Keegan Allen has joined many of his other PLL cast mates by breaking into the music world.  He released his first single, “Million Miles Away,” on February 8th of this year.  The heavenly acoustic guitar, Keegan’s soft vocals, and sweet lyrics all work together, creating a melody that is soothing and heartwarming.  Plus, I’m digging the galaxy artwork! Click the song title link to buy on iTunes.


Ian Harding has already scored another TV series.  Thin Ice is a sitcom about a receptionist, played by Bridgit Mendler, who moves to Antarctica for a job. Ian’s role is as the manager of the station’s research team. He also has a book out. Odd Birds is a memoir that combines stories from his life with his favorite past-time of bird watching.

IanHarding twitpic

Tyler Blackburn is starring in the movie adaptation of Michael John LaChiusa’s musical, Hello Again, which follows ten New Yorkers exploring love in each decade of the 20th century.  Blackburn took to Twitter in February to tease that, “Something exciting is coming.”

TylerBlackburn Twitpic

Speaking of musicals…  It has been announced that one of the last few episodes of Pretty Little Liars will include a musical number.  At a Television Critics Association press tour, one of the executive producers, Oliver Goldstick said, “All of them have incredible hidden talents and singing happens to be one of them. And I thought it was a shame that we didn’t utilize that, and we found a way to platform it in one of the episodes in the last 10.”  How exciting!

But now I want to know what YOU think!  What are your plans for after Pretty Little Liars?  Starting it over from the beginning?  I know I will.  I’ve also started watching I. Marlene King’s newest show, Famous in Love, which also airs on Freeform.  Which Liar/actor is your favorite?  Whose career are you most likely to keep up with?  Are you planning on watching any of the shows or films starring PLL actors I’ve mentioned here?  Let me know in the comments!


It’s Christmas in May for Psych-Os!

Are you ready?

Fans of USA network’s crime dramedy, Psych, starring James Roday, will be happy to know that a Psych movie is coming this Christmas!

PsychThe series ended on March 26, 2014.  One of my favorite things about Psych is that even though it’s a crime-solving show, they don’t dwell on the depressing and gory parts.  It’s very upbeat.  Plus, Shawn (played by James Roday) is hilarious!

The Psych movie is going to be released in December on USA, and will be holiday themed.  All of the main cast will be returning for the movie.  I wonder if the interactions between Shawn (Roday) and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) will be awkward, since the actors who dated for most of Psych’s original run broke up in 2014.


My dad and I are currently re-watching the series.  We’re on season 4 at the moment, where Juliet and Shawn realize their feelings for each other.  They annoyingly take their sweet time doing anything about it, though!

My all-time favorite episodes are the Halloween episodes, but they have good Christmas ones, too.


Shawn as Lestat in “This Episode Sucks” from season 6?  Classic!

Another favorite of mine is “Scary Sherry (Bianca’s Toast)” from the first season where Juliet goes undercover in a sorority house to find out who killed one of the sorority girls.

Scary-Sherry-Bianca-s-Toast-psych-2307680-425-245 - Copy

Do you have a favorite Psych episode?  Are you excited for the Christmas movie?  Sound off in the comments!