Dandelion Daze

Crayola has announced that they’re retiring the beloved dandelion crayon. You might think it’s strange for me to call a crayon color beloved, but people are already losing their minds over the news. 

EBay sellers are now jumping at the opportunity to make a pretty penny off of the remaining dandelion crayons. You can buy a 24 pack with a Buy It Now price of $44.99, or a starting bid of $29.99. If you’re seriously committed to the shade, you can even purchase 500 dandelion crayons. The current bid is $122.50. Many listings for these crayons have already SOLD OUT!

See what I meant when I said people were losing their minds?

That’s not all! In May, Crayola will be announcing a new color as dandelion’s replacement. There will be a naming contest for the new shade, as well.

Personally, I love the golden dandelion shade, and am saddened by the news. That doesn’t mean I’m ready to shell out an unreasonable amount of money for a piece of crayon history, though. In my opinion,  they should’ve picked a different shade to retire. I’m looking at you, green-yellow and yellow-green!

So tell me…What are your thoughts? Which color would you have chosen to retire?


2 thoughts on “Dandelion Daze

  1. I would retire White simply because most the time your coloring on white paper and don’t need the White. I never used the white crayon.


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