Hi Stranger: Creepy Inspiration

Kirsten Lepore’s latest animated short, “Hi Stranger,” has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube.

When I first saw “Hi Stranger” on Facebook, I clicked on it out of a guilty curiosity. I mean, come on, claymation dude’s got a nice butt and he’s aware of it. At the 14 second mark, he even says, “It’s OK. You can look at my butt.”

The video has a creepy feel, but nonetheless draws you in and relaxes you with help from Garrett Davis’ calm voice and the meditation-style background audio.
If you stuck around to see the end of the video, the claymation character actually gives good advice and it’s something I think most of us need to hear:

“I see you trying to do so many things at once. Worried about a decision you made, or worried that you said the wrong thing to someone. You’re so hard on yourself, but you’re wonderful. And worthy of being loved. You really are. You just have to let yourself believe it.”

I began to wonder if the video’s creator had the intent to inspire viewers with this character basically turning into our inner voice giving us an existential pep talk. So I went researching. Call me strange, but I love to research and learn new things!

One thing I did learn that all of you out there in InternetLand might find interesting is that the artist, Kirsten Lepore recently wrote and directed an episode of Adventure Time.

All in all, the only new thing I really learned about the “Hi Stranger” video was this, taken from an interview with Kirsten Lepore given by Ben Mitchell of Skwigly:


So in closing, I’d like to know what you thought of “Hi Stranger.” Inspiring or just plain creepy?


One thought on “Hi Stranger: Creepy Inspiration

  1. Both, I believe it has some very important things in it that people forget about in life. Which is why we have so many people depressed and will to give up on life. But the whole “butt” this is kinda…weird but in a aspect how many people do you think will click on this just because of the butt? Multiple. Sad to say but to true all the same. But once you begin watching it, it’s basically reminding you that your not worthless you are somebody you deserve to be loved by yourself and not just others.


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