My First Black Mask Trial

Good afternoon!

Have you seen that video on Facebook of the woman, Tiffany Marie, having a really bad time trying to remove that black charcoal mask that’s been advertised as a miracle for blackhead removal?  Shown below is a shortened version, but you can watch the full 15 minute one HERE.


Curious, I decided to try it. It only cost me $5, so why not? Especially if it could get rid of my blackheads,  then it would definitely be worth the investment!

First of all, the mask’s official name is Purifying Peel-Off Deep Cleansing Black Mask by Shills Natural Science. That sure is a mouthful, huh?

Shills black mask

Here’s a video showing how it works:


So how did it work out for me? Read on and find out!

The instructions said to wash your face first, so I used my trusty Best Face Forever by Perfectly Posh. I LOVE Posh! If I could afford to, I’d join and give selling it a go. Alas, I do not have $99. Anyways, back to the mask!

Putting it on is definitely messy. It didn’t smell weird, so that was a plus. I only put it on my nose since my main concern as I mentioned earlier was blackheads. Yuck! It tingled and itched on my face while I was waiting for it to set. Let me tell you, it was difficult not giving into the urge to scratch!

Finally, it had been about 25 minutes so I figured it was time to “peel my nose off.” Said partially in jest, while also hoping the process wouldn’t involve painful cries like the woman on the video.

Peeling it off was disappointing. It didn’t appear to actually remove much of anything, and the pesky blackheads were still on my nose. They must really love me, because they don’t want to leave. I guess Neil Sedaka was right when he sang, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.” In the past I’ve used Biore nose strips, also without luck.

Removal wasn’t painful for me at all. After cleaning off the bits of dried black goop that didn’t come off during peeling, I applied a mixture of Perfectly Posh’s moisturizer (Night & Day plus Moisturize 911).

I’m going to try this mask again. Perhaps even all over my face. Next time I’ll let it stay on longer, because parts of what I peeled off were still sticky. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work as advertised?

Tell me in the comments if you ever have (or ever will) use this black mask. What is your favorite face mask? And do you have any recommendations for blackhead removal? Thanks for reading!


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