Hi Stranger: Creepy Inspiration

Kirsten Lepore’s latest animated short, “Hi Stranger,” has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube.

When I first saw “Hi Stranger” on Facebook, I clicked on it out of a guilty curiosity. I mean, come on, claymation dude’s got a nice butt and he’s aware of it. At the 14 second mark, he even says, “It’s OK. You can look at my butt.”

The video has a creepy feel, but nonetheless draws you in and relaxes you with help from Garrett Davis’ calm voice and the meditation-style background audio.
If you stuck around to see the end of the video, the claymation character actually gives good advice and it’s something I think most of us need to hear:

“I see you trying to do so many things at once. Worried about a decision you made, or worried that you said the wrong thing to someone. You’re so hard on yourself, but you’re wonderful. And worthy of being loved. You really are. You just have to let yourself believe it.”

I began to wonder if the video’s creator had the intent to inspire viewers with this character basically turning into our inner voice giving us an existential pep talk. So I went researching. Call me strange, but I love to research and learn new things!

One thing I did learn that all of you out there in InternetLand might find interesting is that the artist, Kirsten Lepore recently wrote and directed an episode of Adventure Time.

All in all, the only new thing I really learned about the “Hi Stranger” video was this, taken from an interview with Kirsten Lepore given by Ben Mitchell of Skwigly:


So in closing, I’d like to know what you thought of “Hi Stranger.” Inspiring or just plain creepy?


My First Black Mask Trial

Good afternoon!

Have you seen that video on Facebook of the woman, Tiffany Marie, having a really bad time trying to remove that black charcoal mask that’s been advertised as a miracle for blackhead removal?  Shown below is a shortened version, but you can watch the full 15 minute one HERE.


Curious, I decided to try it. It only cost me $5, so why not? Especially if it could get rid of my blackheads,  then it would definitely be worth the investment!

First of all, the mask’s official name is Purifying Peel-Off Deep Cleansing Black Mask by Shills Natural Science. That sure is a mouthful, huh?

Shills black mask

Here’s a video showing how it works:


So how did it work out for me? Read on and find out!

The instructions said to wash your face first, so I used my trusty Best Face Forever by Perfectly Posh. I LOVE Posh! If I could afford to, I’d join and give selling it a go. Alas, I do not have $99. Anyways, back to the mask!

Putting it on is definitely messy. It didn’t smell weird, so that was a plus. I only put it on my nose since my main concern as I mentioned earlier was blackheads. Yuck! It tingled and itched on my face while I was waiting for it to set. Let me tell you, it was difficult not giving into the urge to scratch!

Finally, it had been about 25 minutes so I figured it was time to “peel my nose off.” Said partially in jest, while also hoping the process wouldn’t involve painful cries like the woman on the video.

Peeling it off was disappointing. It didn’t appear to actually remove much of anything, and the pesky blackheads were still on my nose. They must really love me, because they don’t want to leave. I guess Neil Sedaka was right when he sang, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.” In the past I’ve used Biore nose strips, also without luck.

Removal wasn’t painful for me at all. After cleaning off the bits of dried black goop that didn’t come off during peeling, I applied a mixture of Perfectly Posh’s moisturizer (Night & Day plus Moisturize 911).

I’m going to try this mask again. Perhaps even all over my face. Next time I’ll let it stay on longer, because parts of what I peeled off were still sticky. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work as advertised?

Tell me in the comments if you ever have (or ever will) use this black mask. What is your favorite face mask? And do you have any recommendations for blackhead removal? Thanks for reading!

Comeback Kid

I chose one of The Band Perry’s new songs as the title for this post, because I definitely identify with it, especially the following line: “I don’t think I deserve the hurt I get.” But then, most people don’t.

I’m going to be reworking my blog. It used to be mostly centered on my service dog, Honey. Don’t worry she’ll still be making appearances! In fact, she’s lying in my lap as I’m writing this. She truly is my best friend, but I digress…

I’m going to focus on my writing, both fiction and nonfiction. An upcoming post is about that black mask that’s gone viral. When I was younger, I was regularly featured on Lovelyish, a website covering fashion, beauty, and pop culture.

I was first officially published at 15, when I worked on my high school’s magazine. That might not sound like much, but the Foxfire Magazine is a national magazine. Produced in Rabun County, Georgia, The Foxfire Magazine is dedicated to keeping the history of Appalachia alive.

I hope to one day have some of my fiction published. If I can ever focus on one story long enough to finish it, that is!

One of my Facebook friends who’s accomplished and connected in the writing world suggested I start a blog to let my future readers get to know me and my writing style now, so that I’ll have a fan base when I am published. I’ve sent her a collection of my unfinished manuscripts, and am currently awaiting feedback.

Why writing? Writing is my passion. It has been my favorite thing to do since I was a kid. I wrote my first real story when I was 12. It was about a group of friends that literally get sucked into a video game. Looking back now, thats all I remember about that one. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of it, so I guess their fate will always be a mystery.

Writing consumes my thoughts, and a lot of my daydreaming is brainstorming plot ideas. I write varying genres, but almost all are covered under New Adult. I love everything paranormal/supernatural, but I also write “normal” stuff like chick-lit.

I should probably tell you more about myself. I’m 27 years old. I’m a music and animal lover. I’ve had a rough life, hence my PTSD service dog.

I am a chionophile, which means I love the cold, especially snow! I even call myself the “ice queen.” I currently live in Tennessee, but I dream of living in Colorado or Alaska and traveling to Nordic places like Norway and Iceland.

I think puns are greatly underrated. I love intelligent and witty TV shows. Gilmore Girls is a favorite! I also like oddball comedies like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Most everything I watch is comedy, since I don’t like shows that make you sad. I really wish someone would come up with a sitcom about a vampire. A show that makes fun of itself. Everything with vampires in it is always so dramatic. Hmm…maybe I have another writing project now!

I feel weird talking about myself so much. Plus if I tell you everything now, then you won’t need to come back to my blog to get to know me. Gotta leave a little mystery, right?

Until next time!

– Jessi