What Money Paid For

(If you know the band and song I got the title for this post from, then you are AWESOME!)

Now then… We postponed Honey’s vet visit until next week since dad and I have been sick.  I figured I’d go ahead and post the specifics for what I’ve used the GoFundMe donations on so far.  In total, I’ve received $144.52 (including the Needy Pet Fund grant).  I currently have $111 available to spend on her vet visit.

On February 24th, I spent $26.90 at Walgreens.  I had a Buy One, Get One Free coupon on the Dentastix treats.  The GoFundMe donations paid for all but the Minion toy, beef chew sticks, and Bear’s senior vitamins.


There was $6.61 left over that I put towards our Petsmart trip on March 2nd.  The day before, dad had received his tax refund.  March 2nd was a big day full of Public Access for Honey.  She had her first time in a restaurant (Burger King) while dad and I ate.  Plus we went to some pet stores for supplies, toys, and new healthy food! Honey made friends with everyone she met. In the Tractor Supply parking lot, a man actually drove up to us to give her a Milkbone biscuit. Also at Tractor Supply, Honey picked out a squeaky toy for herself – a black bear wearing a Santa hat. When we got home she adorably insisted on carrying it in herself. At Petsense, an employee who was very sweet and helpful, also let Honey taste test some cookies.

Petsmart March2 items

We’ve switched Bear and Honey over to 4Health Grain-Free food from Tractor Supply, which is rated 4 stars on Dog Food Advisor.  Some items we bought were a Kong toy & treats, shower sprayer, shampoo, frisbee, and a slow-feeder bowl.  Plus, a few toys for Honey.

Slow-feeder bowls are important in preventing GDV/bloat.  Brandi’s service dog, Shanti, had to have emergency surgery just a few months ago, because of bloat.  It’s a serious problem and can be fatal.  Some other ways to prevent it are to feed 2 smaller meals a day rather than one large meal, and stay away from raised bowls.

Also, after seeing this video from Planet Paws on Facebook yesterday about common ingredients found in dog treats that are harmful, I felt the need to share it:

Posted by Planet Paws on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Now I regret letting her have that Milkbone biscuit… At least, I know better now.  Just so everyone knows, I checked the ingredients and the Milkbone vitamin treats are fine.  Some other products not covered in the video that also include BHA are Canine Carry Outs and Alpo T-Bonz treats.

I’m tired, because I woke up at 4:30 this morning.  I’ve taken the dogs for a walk, gave Honey a training session, and filled the Kong toys.  Then I watched Gilmore Girls and read until it was time to wake dad up for work.  Since then I’ve been working on my Kickstarter campaign and looking at new gear I’d like to get Honey for the summer, including a cooling vest and a leash-sleeve that says “Service Dog” for when she’s not fully outfitted.  I guess that’s all I have to report for now.  I hope everyone who reads this has a great day and is doing well!