Winter Wonderland

I’ll be honest, I was feeling pretty depressed for awhile, before we got our first snow.  Snow is magical to me, though.  It helped lift my spirits.  Plus, there are some other things in the works that I’m not going to go into until they’re finalized…   For now, here’s a cute video of my Native American Indian dog/Mackenzie River Husky, Bear, playing in the snow.

As for my GoFundMe campaign, I’ve only raised 1% of my goal – $20.  I’ve added reward levels on my campaign, starting at $10 donations.  Most all include a thank you video from my service dog and myself, an 8×10 print from my photography collection, and/or a personalized fictional story.

I’ll also post some photos from the snow days on here, a 2 Broke Girls meme that fits how I felt on my depressed days, and the 2 adult coloring pages I’ve finished so far.  I’d also like to thank my newest supporter, Clotilde Chiavari, from the UK! ♥


First Donations & A Memory

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know all about my GoFundMe fundraiser for a PTSD/psychiatric service dog.  This blog is going to be a place for me to update my friends and followers on my journey.  I’d like to thank my good friends, Janet Lamb and Erin Free, for being the first people to donate to the cause.  Words cannot express how grateful I am!

Since I’m trying to recover from my issues (PTSD, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia), I thought a good first post would be to look back on a happy memory while also honoring my first supporter, Janet.  A Halloween tradition when I lived in Georgia was to go with my best friend, Marella Burrell, to Janet’s Halloween party.  2012 was the last one I attended, but to this today it is still one of the best times I’ve ever had.  I dressed up as “Vampire Katy Perry.”  Here are some pictures from the party:

(My costume – Marella as “goth girl” and myself – The girls! Beth, Marella, Janet, and myself)

That’s all for now!  I hope everyone has a great day!